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Updates and News

 Note:  The information on this site, including this page, is for educational purposes and is not intended to be legal or medical advice. 

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Latest Info on Medicaid Renewals

Auto Case Closure Procedures under Review; No Automatic Closures During the Review Process

Last Updated, 8/1/19

Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) is reevaluating its procedures for the auto-closure of Medicaid eligibility where it relates to renewals.  During this reevaluation period, LDH will not use the new automated system for automatically closing your Medicaid case if you have not responded to a renewal notice by the deadline.  Before LDH terminates your Medicaid benefits, whether it resumes auto-closure or otherwise, Medicaid you will receive a final closure notice with due process and appeal rights.

If you received a renewal or other Medicaid Notice and would like assistance in understanding the letters, info on how to renew or other concern, contact the HelpLine at 504-300-5117.

OCDD Publishes New CPOC Instructions for Adult Waivers

Two new CPOC Attachments are Available for Self-Direction Employers

Last Updated, 8/25/2019

OCDD has published all the new CPOC forms that Self-Direction employers in the NOW and ROW waivers need to complete for each CPOC year.  Forms should be updated quarterly.  You can find ATTACHMENTS B-I and the 2 newest forms, J DAY HAB/PRE-VOCATION and K INDIVIDUAL INTEGRATED EMPLOYMENT online at OCDD's website by going to:


You'll find the forms at the bottom of the web page along with instructions.  Remember, not all forms will apply to everyone.