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Self-Direction Available Again!

On January 1st OCDD re-opened availability for waiver recipients to move into self-directed services.  Self-Direction in waiver services mean that the recipient or the waiver recipient's authorized representative acts as the employer for all direct support workers.  

Advantages include being able to select exactly who you want in your home, control over training and how people are trained, and being able to pay a higher wage and possibly attract a more qualified candidate. 

It's not all peaches and cream though, there are responsibilities and things that self-direction participants must agree to and do, but overall, most self-direction participants found the change worthwhile. 

Interested in moving to self-directed waiver services?  Contact your support coordinator and let them know you want to make the change so they can submit your request to the Human Service District or Authority for approval. 

Good News for Family Caregivers

Family members who live with Medicaid recipients can temporarily become their loved-one's direct care worker during the COVID emergency!!!

That's correct.  If your family member has a Medicaid Waiver, EPSDT-Personal Care Service or Long-term Personal Care Service, you can be hired on to care for them while living in the same home. 

Contact the Medicaid recipient's care provider agency to complete an application with them or, if using self-directed waiver services, send a new employee packet in to the Fiscal Agent.  

This opportunity will be available up to 6 months afer the COVID-19 emergency declaration ends.  

NOTE: You cannot be paid for care at the same time you are being paid for any other job you may have.