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Efforts to include dental care for people with I/DD Waivers

Learn more about the efforts to bring comprehensive dental care services to individuals with developmental disability waivers in Louisiana:

Dental Task Force Fact Sheet

Formal Report of La Dental Task Force

When do COVID-19 Exceptions End?

Currently, the COVID-19 Emergency Federal Declaration is set to end in sometime in August which means the exceptions with the declaration will end about 6 months following that or about July, 2021.  The exceptions will all end if the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration is not extended.  In the meantime, individuals, families and advocates are working to bring many of those exceptions into our regulations to help improve our system of care for waiver recipients.  Watch the site for more to come on making these important changes permanent for individuals and families. 

Healthy LA Open Enrollment Flyer 10-15 to 11-30-21
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