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According to Louisiana Department of Health, Informational Bulletin 24-15. There will be some changes to the Preferred Drug List for Medicaid Recipients.  You can find the bulletin at this link to see the changes that will be included:

"The current PDL indicated a preference of some brand name drugs over generic drugs. The revised PDL will shift both brand and generic versions of these drugs to preferred status. With the implementation of the new PDL, prescribing providers are advised to note “brand name necessary” on any prescription where they want to ensure pharmacies fill their prescriptions with a brand name drug. Absent this notation, individual pharmacists will make the decision on whether to fill the prescription with brand or generic drugs. Pharmacies are advised to begin preparing for the July PDL implementation now with any necessary inventory adjustments. The new PDL will be posted online at the following link when implemented on July 1, 2024: The updated list is posted below. All drugs will transition to brand and generic preferred with the exception of Revatio suspension, as noted in the chart below, which will be non-preferred. Questions related to this bulletin can be referred to Sue Fontenot at" 

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Dementia-Specific Advanced Directives:

Adult Medicaid Waiver Recipients Have Incontinent Supplies Covered by Medicaid Oct. 1 2023!

Beginning October 1, 2023, adults with Medicaid Waivers will be eligible to receive assistance through their waiver services for incontinent supplies.  Contact your Support Coordinator for information on how to access incontinent supply assistance through your waiver.

Full Comprehensive Dental Care Now Available for Medicaid Waiver Recipients

EVERYONE with a Medicaid Waiver is eligible for full dental coverage.  Contact your Dental managed care organization for a list of dentists that can serve you near your home!



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